Saturday, August 23, 2008

a blog

A blogger need a pic, so people knows what they encountering daily or so..but im so lazy to take pics or what not..
not, im lazy to do anything coz there been lots more thing to be done and i havent get the time yet.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


To be strong, to rise up from how the life is treating you now, we need some support. courage and words of encouragement. Without these, human barely can survive. There is rise in mental health problem in the world, due to this factor. And somehow, few encouraging words was all that needed to make sure we, can survive and live this life..
As to me, these were it..

a) by my lecturer; "Fatima, i know you will be someone great in the future. Just focus on this 8 months to yours study, and forget the rest"
b) by my cousin; "relationship means problem, so if you tell me a problem in relationship, it's common"..find ways.
c) by my dearest cousin; "All these problems make u get closer to Allah, use it and He wont test you with this, if He knew, you will break. Be strong. Pertolongan Allah itu terlampau dekat"
d) by a bestfriend,"Yup, life is complicated, just be strong"

It helps me to survive this few days to come and the rest, may I will find people that can give me encouragement and help in survive.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have not been thinking much and when i read a book, i just read it, and not criticizing or thinking on behalf of my own opinion. Therefore, i cannot make think of new opinion, that i strongly agree.
The consequences of this:
1) i could not generate and think for my research paper..i am stuck while i know i can do it
2) when i read the challenge; i just read, without understand what Tun meant in directly and what he wants us to think.
3) I end up not doing anything and sleep...and i dream. I know then, thats because my mind was not tired and im not utilisizing my thinking enough these days

Wonder what makes me that way....

Malay..Part 2

It seems that i may elaborate on this topic, on my opinion. Multiracial is a must if one's country wants to be successful. I may be prejudiced here, but take a look at our neighboring country, Brunei. Go there, and take a look on the economics, educations and everything there, not just the museums or what not. And realize, when we are in out own community, where we become 'soft' in a surrounding, we will not be better. in fact we will degrades and how can we survives and make the nation a great thing.
For me, if people wants to talk about Malay or praising the Malays and condeming others, take a look at the history and think on it. Dont just merely read. You will gain nothing. sometimes, we need a challenged, a boast, so we know how to strive better. look at all things in wider views and not just emotion based views. Emotions is not a reliable based judgment. Think and act. I can say a lot more that i dont like in Malays and i am hoping to change; be it the jpa (scholarship) thing, or the dependency of the malays towards the government.

Friday, August 15, 2008

veil..or is it?

this topic has been hotly discussed for few times by many people. Either we wear it as a fashion statement, as a way to protect our dignity, as the symbol of muslim and Islam or much more.
But in these days nowadays,tudung has been wear for many various reason.
People may argue that even org pakai tudung, do obscene things and did not follow the islamic guidelines..but for me, wearing tudung is more to protect our selves. It not a protection from getting rogol, some people may felt it meant this, but more to protect ourselves from ourselves. Our wrongdoings and wrong decision makings.
But wearibg tudung aslo didnt get us any immunity when we buat salah or we hurt others, let alone tudung labuh.
For me so people, misused certain concept in islam for their sake..but for me, everthing come hand in hand.
Islam come together with everything that governs this life. We have been given great mind to think and not to make any decision that will hurt others. For me everything happen for a reason...* i could not go on*
i havent think much of this subject yet, and i am a thinker. I still needs to read books and gain experiences before i can write it down.


What with the recent issue of 10 percent intake of non-bumi to uitm? i mean, if the present govn made any suggestion of opening any of the bumi's or the malays rights to the non-bumi, surely they will be protest, but not as much as when the opposition mentioned..
everything is political in malaysia...including the education and even the healthcare profession.


I went to OT (Operation Theather) with En. Azlan (the in charge radiographer of the day for II), and in the room, he let me to screen the patient..Well, it was an experienced to me..i am so thrill and scared at the same time.
I mean, for a first time, I have to learn not to 'shot' the surgeon's hands or even, anyone else that didnt wear are lead gown..anyway, this is me, outside the room, on the way to changing room..and in front of OT 9, im in OT 8..btw..just segan lah amik situ..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What is the different between the Muslim and non-Muslim in Malaysia?

To tell the truth, now, i find the malay Muslims have become as bad, or might say, as worst and ignorence about their own religion, the Islam. For me, we have become just like the Europe, during i forget which century (will checked this fact) where the relgions has been separated from the daily life , the social network.
This already happen in Malaysia, i am not saying that Muslim in Malaysia, are the worst ever..but we are becoming one of them.
I am scared of what might happen in the future. The judgement day will surely come, but before that, there is the 'Hari Kiamat'. For now, i myself, need to be become a good am i a selfish person, if i want to improve myself first, but ignored the people around me, of what they are doing...? or should i play my part?
but in this community nowadays, whatever the person are doing, is none of the person business. So, tell me how do you i behave in this kind of community?
sometimes, when this demoralization of the Muslim, are getting worst..i myself, am afraid to get married. For i dont know what might happen to my children.
Maybe if abstinence the option, then so be God's will.
But, who knows, i might change my mind...after all, i am not in love with anyone, and there is no urgency to get married...and for any of the reasons that people get married for.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


We live in a world...or a community where, the a small size person, will get the sympathy the world can offer...
the people that are manje, and looks like fragile..will also get the sympathy..coz they look fragile, even when they are the bad ones...
the people, that looks strong, tough in the inside..are the one that people will not treat them well, and sometimes, this people need the same amount of love from others as well.


Latest experience i had..ended a relationship..a non-healthy relationship and discover that my 5 years best friends are actually are backstabbers...wonder how i can live with that?
and sometimes, all happen for a reason, just this one, i could not see it yet.


...I am doing my practical now, in government hospitals in pahang now. And this is what i can say about those who worked in the hospital..
That looks plays a great role in...entertaining the patient, but what boiled me off, was that looks, those that have pretty faces, tend to be hypocrite. The are only nice and look nice when they treating the patients and their colleagues, but not the students. The languages that they used are kasar...and it really irritates me, when they think looks can buy it all. I mean, c'mon you have to be nice to everyone. Just like a blog i read,the nurses especially, are only nice when good looking doctors are on their radar, or when they have good looking doctors. But when these two factors end, these will all gone. they can be a crazy devil and sometimes a b***h.
And i try to reason it all up, and i can come up with this; the one who choose to works in the hospital, are very tired and actually have to be a hypocrite from the start. We learn int when we are students (seriously).
As a student, we tend to be hypocrite to the radiographer ( i am a radiographer to be)..coz they dont exactly like us rite..(some lah) have to be hypocrite...and also..oh yeah..just to them.
But for the people, that actually worked there, they have to be positive in emotions to all people, the patients, their colleagues, the practical students, the doctors, the other people in the department and ect. And when they have a mood swing or some sort, they will be cranky and snappy to the patients and especially to the students lah..and just so nice-nice to the others..especially to their friends and good looking doctors and patients...
This is life...and i hate someone that have a damn pretty faces..but treat others like crap...
and for me, working with the old, matured people, we can learn more than with people like my age, or in the same era as me, coz they end up judges more,critic more, but appreciate less...except they love you and adored you...and forever they will adore you.
so suck up kan...

Latest trend in life

What i figured now buys all. And that what makes things hurt in the end. That retard the thinking development and what makes people suffered in the end.
What i found of the love style nowadays;
it doesnt matter if a man, is a player or the woman is a player, the concept is you got money. And sometimes, i wonder, why people can put up with many bad awful things that their partner does, and the answer will simply be, money. well, love may be part of it also, but money sure is play more important part than that.
What define someone as player?when they are in love with more than one person at one time? or when they had been in many relationships, just because they wanted to find the right one, not because they want to play their partners heart's? or when just want to gain something from a relationship? Tell me please.
This one thing, on love life is something that i could not understand till now. And i want to understand it. Sometimes, the saying that a girl can only love one person at a time, is wrong now. A girl can love more than one person at a time,and to tell you the truth, i more than impress with that ( but i dont think i can do that).
And there is also, someone that can love someone completely ...and i think, nowadays to find love, that much reflect the elder generation, is hard. There is divorce, freedom in speech, freedom in thinking.
And i found out that, the younger people tends to marry coz of love and when it fades away, things will get harder.
Well, i have learn few things in life and love. in my recent relationship. That we just need someone that we can have a connection somehow, and an interest that will ensure those things will spark us in the end later on. That family is important and that support from the loved ones is important as well. Then we can survived all the chaotic events later on. That i need love..i mean, the one, that is love.

Top family movies...

This is the family movies on my choice...over the years..

1) Con Air ( well i actually cried when i watched this movie, coz it shows the love between the husband to the wife, and especially the father to the daughter)\
2) Meet the Robinson ( Family thing completes me)
3) Speed Racer ( Family completes me again)
4) The Last Samurai ( The love between, hm..this one hard to explain..the woman practically have to save the man (tom cruise) even though he killed her husband)
5) Dragon Heart ( I cried also, coz its painful the dragon had to kill himself, even he is the last one standing (dragon) just because his heart had been part of the devil prince.
6) Independence Day ( I just in love with this movie..the inspired speech by mr president, the love for the nation)

more to come soon

Friday, August 8, 2008

Speed Racer

The best family movie this summer. I didn't watch it when it came out last time, because few friends of mine told me this movie was so-so. But turns out it was a touching movie somehow. What i can deduced from this movie was:
1) Family is everything. When we have the support from them, nothing else matter and they are the best thing anyone can possibly have ever.
2) It doesn't matter if we have the best car, the best equipment or the most money in the world, just as long as the passion is there and there is a will. It is all that matter.
3) That coupleship, 'boy-girl friend' things, is wonderful can be more wonderful when they are completing each other and helping each other out.
4) That the bad people will always lose in the end even it take years to bring them down.
5) That patient is the best key when in trouble
6) That talking with the dad, always help when we are in doubtful position( me one of it) and with mum, it will always be comforting in the end. Its the mother's ability to make sure all are good and smooth between dad and me.
7) That again, family is the best thing we can possibly had, and that when we have that kind of family, to get out from it is impossible....

This is one of the movie that i will recommend ..and for me to watch it again, just to be reminded of the feeling in it.

My Love movies...

My top love movies (not in order of sequence):

1) City of Angels
2) Becoming Jane
3) Serendipity
4) My Best Friend's Wedding

So far...

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have been reading blogs, and newspaper and doing nothing of my work..uncool..coz my works is all that's important..and this morning, i went for a jog, inside UIA...and this captivated me and make me think..but i still could not get any anyone..
look at that tree and how it shades the road.. i mean, i can say its the work of gravity, but if you can see further down, the trunks are all straight up and just the leaves bending over..
its just like, most street i saw in the pictures, where the leaves are bending over and fascinatingly its happening just under my nose..i took this pic nearby the football field and nearby my college too.
so, what in my opinion now, on solidarity..people says when they are in group, they are not submitted to whats the group said, and still said that they have the rights for what ever else..such as their opinion..but actually, its a denial context. everyone needed a solidarity and its just a matter till we met one. its good in some sense, but also not in some.
anyhow, i could not think much and do my work much..too many things on my mind..mostly..academics and i want to be home.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I have so many things to write but seems that it all drifted away, coz lacked of internet connection so i just think it over and maybe be in a conversation with anyone in my sight, so i can spill my ideas to for now, it's late already, i have lab tomorrow and need to make some revision first and have my dinner..
what new with me, before i update it all..
1) i want a batman....
2) i am reading 2 books that took longer to finish; The Challenge- Mahathir Mohamad and How To Research, A guide for Undergraduate & Graduate Students- Stanley Richardson et. all.
3) My last movie i watched in cinema, The Dark Knight..and in love with it
4) Im doing my practical in Temerloh for 3 weeks in a row...2 more to go
5) Finally settling all my undoubts and regaining my life back..after a sudden turnoff early this week
6) In love..with...sape ek..batman:))