Thursday, January 15, 2009

experiences are the greatest teacher....

experiences taught me things, made me think more, made my mind alert more, my conscious level in peak, and made me figure out who i was, and what i am.
it made me understand myself, well indeed that was what i want to be.
it made me realize that, it takes situations, to bring out something like this. an event.
it makes me a human and perhaps a better man (woman)...

yes, we need to take a break from who we are last time, to understand our selves better.

Monday, January 12, 2009


its been a long time since i post one here...its not due to busyness of anything..but more to tired to blog, to much tab to browse into, too playful and enjoying lately..

my thoughts:

1) that based on today's news, i dont know where Islam stands anymore in this world..not, let alone Malaysia. there are too many people fighting it.

2) i cannot now, demarcated the good and bad. i dont know where to draw to line. no, thats doesnt meant i have done those things, but more like i encountered it in real life, seen it. so what is good and bad then?

3) there is always be first time in life...but in encountering the first time; i- are we ready for what may come, ii- can we pull the brake and stop in the middle of it; iii- can we just take the first time and said, 'I have enough'.

4) so now i know, when in Islam said, pandangan pertama and all the pertama(s) in the our life, when it is against the syariat, then stop. turn away, head for another direction. it is easier said then done. coz after the first time, it will always be 'ketagih' and the nafsu mengawal diri.

5) this is when muhasabah, doa and keinsafan should come hand in hand. not because of 'forbidden love', but more to true love...