Wednesday, March 11, 2009

selfish, self-less

selfish, is what people have, but the difference is more menonjol or not.
so if you want to see weather a certain someone is selfish or not..
try to look at pictures..
it works really well, when in group of friends..some poeple love taking pictures and some love to be taken pictures of.
but the truth is why..some people love to be taken pictures off, because they want to see it later on..and they wont realize others that was not inside the pictures.
and for people that love taking pictures, yes they love it, but 'maybe' coz they end up beralah, coz the others wont do the picture taking...and wants to get inside the picture.
one way to try and be self-less...go out with a group of friends, and bring a camera. if they dont want to take pictures of others and expect 'you' as the only...they are selfish and i bet they dont care about you not getting into the picture..
but thats the way to become unselfish and embrace is really tough and painful..knowing people dont care and selfish with themselves.

We get back...

Just now in the car, on my way to Terus Maju, Temerloh after practical; this came to mind..
" Whatever we said, we always get it back".
Its like this, when we say bad things about other people, mostly about x puas hati with them, sooner or later we will end up doing it..and its what people (the one that realize this concept) afraid off.
So that is why in Islam, or even in Al-Qur'an, this has been address. We have been told not to talk bad about other people, to express to unsatisfaction openly - with the intention to burukkan that person, and make us feel like we are the good one..coz end up, we will be like them
so this cross my mind;
if we talk bad about other people, we will end up like them; what if we always talk good about other people..and cherished them, will we be like them later on in life?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My stress reliever....=)) i am so stressed out..well, with what happened..and practical, and with my current 'enjoy' friends...that i really need a good slice of chocolate cake to wash it all away..and a good movie..but unfortunately, i have assignment to be submitted tomorrow.
so, when i reached my room, i hug my roommate cum my classmate cum my bestfriend..hehe..and then, she surprised me with a bar of Cadbury am so i get my first stress reliever..:))
then, i told her my stressness of the week..and she let me eat her mango pudding..and we had the stress reliever session until my another room mate cum bestfriend, came back..and i eat her makanan..hahaha...
and my craved for chocolate cake still on..i have been craving since last sunday..and i thot, well, i can be bersabar and wait for tomorrow..but then, my craveness i tear the chocolate foil, take a piece, and text my bestfriend (she went out for drink with friend)..tell her i want a secret recipe chocolate cake..
and guess what, 10 mins then, i got a text msg from a friend of mine..telling me to meet him..and voila..i got my chocolate indulgence secret recipe cake..requested from shall i name him as ek..sweet boy;)...
so i end up grinning from ear to ear and i can finally settle doing my assignment...

but yet, until now, i havent finished with mu assignment..laziness crawling in...bad my dear, bad for me..
gud nite people....and thank bestfriends and my sweet guy:))

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i have settle

finally, i have seen it. I thot with friends it will be different, and i give my best. I try to be the best for them, with the hope that it is different from couple relationship. but turn out, it is the same.
and maybe, i test myself, make me venture into see how it goes, and now i have seen the result. There is no such thing as pure love anymore, not between friends anymore. Even like, or love between boy and girl make them do things they never do before..there is no unselfish love anymore.
maybe is still exist, but with four best buds, i have not seen it.
there goes friendship.
so if i stop loving them, does that make me like them?
i am not stopping myself from loving them, i am stop. and loving myself more.
i need to mend me, to pull me back again, to be happy again and find and head back to my friends, who love me and not selfish.