Friday, October 30, 2009

New Experience

I am in working environment now, thus there must be new experience for me to collect, to gain some insight on and to reflect and understand what is going on.

For me, sometimes, i feel like certain people treat me like i am still im matured, lack in experience, and whatever i told them, for them to judge me beforehand not for them to respect me.

Just because i, did not act like them before, they told me that i lack in experience, and i need to face life. but for me, i learn from experience, mine and others. why should i act like them to understand how they feel it thats bad?

sometimes, i feel like saying, when they were at my age, have they think like me?

please stop the judgemental preceptions.

nevertherless, my aim was working to gain information and knowledge, not others.

InsyaAllah, iman akan terjaga, as long as i know the basic.


Monday, October 5, 2009

The Regret

There was time in my life, i try to avoid feeling regret, but, i think regret is a must.
I try to be positive and optimism, but in this particular case, those cant do, except that person really hati batu..
so i am regret.
and for me now, with love comes regret.