Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tomorrow, less than 20 hours, the submission of my 12 credit hours final year paper...
i am numb now, there are so many feelings that i want to feel, i hope i managed to feel it tomorrow, together with relief of course.
i mean, i have been here for four years, and the last two years has been challenging enough, that for me to survived now, still make me wonder how.

Maybe, this is the lesson i learn here, now, when i am in university...that it is not what the books taught you too, not what the lecturers taught too, but it is the hidden value that we bring with our selves when we come out from the place.

The friends that we still care and keep in touch, the memories that soon will fade since human are everything...but most importantly,

Ourselves...we bring ourselves outside with all the values, the maturity, the make us face the world and face what life can offer.

I am facing what life can offer less than 20 i ready?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

the more we know..

They are certain things that we should put in mind when friendship.
1. That when we get to know someone, we either first realized the superficial good and the bad qualities.
2. when we know them well enough, we can see underneath the superficial good and bad of that particular someone.
3. so maybe after second phase, we develop new feelings for that person. so the third phase is dangerous..coz this phase is when we can really see that person. the selfishness, the arrogance; the true self.this is when acceptance really test the patients and sometimes, it is really hard to walk away from this phase, since somehow, much commitment is given.

Thus, up to second phase is enough. Third, make sure we embrace enough and really really ready for it.
take care.