Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Wednesday View

As I pass through my friends page in facebook,it fascinates me with how mane people that is single, getting married and already married.

And yet few of them, are my dear friends. Thus, may be for some of us, that is still single; had happened an event/events that make them to be more conscious and take a step back from the relationship drama. And just wait for the heart to be open and up to a point, when they don't care less of what had happened around them.

For my friends who are getting married; my prayers are for you. You are brave enough to make a leap for that. After hearing and knowing the married life from the experienced one, you are still brave enough.

For my friends who already married; congratulations. You have entered a new phase in life. Be strong. There are some i am envy of their happiness, wish i can have the same as them and they are some that i pray to god to give them strength for their new ship. it may be a battleship but yet, the love will grow.

As for all of you, we will never walk alone. The married one will be along side the family and the single one, I know you have your own pillar to hold on too.

Maybe this sounds to common for all of you;

But, Allah has promised His servants. He is with us, no matter what journey you head too

Istiqamah, sabar.

* Eventhough now i understand, that sabar mmg amat2 susah, thats y it's half of the iman.

Enjoy reading and thinking.