Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sisters day Out,,,

we had a sister day out yesterday...very nice and so nice..
first,early in morning, we went for relaxing moment...along go for spa reflexology and kakak and i went for full body massages....ohhhhh....very nice. in wellness sanctuary in taipan.
then we picked up bilah in UM, head for cineleisure for Twilight.
but before that, we had our lunch at Bubba Gum..errr..sekali je nak gi sini...mahal dowh food dier..i mean, if im working, maybe gi sini kot...still belajar lagi..its LUXURY food lah for me...this is what i had..
then, we watched poyo..entahlah, there is something with the love story, but i dont know how to explain it.
then we are ice cream at a japanese desert and ice cream cafe a floor below under the cinema. it was sedap....(ni lost of vocab)...hehee
balik aje, we send nabilah, singgah beli DVd in 14...and settle at home.
after maghrib, we watched Sisterhood of Travelling Pants 2...:)

at nite, we crached our parents bed and sleep there while watching The House Of Bunny.
overall, it is so sisterly in Love..:)

today..just teman my sisters beli basikal and repair basikal, in bicycle shops inputra heights...
and maybe we had late lunch, early dinner late today.


in pancaindera today; hiburan 21, "Resensi Filem" has summarizes enuf on Selamat Pagi Cinta...and i am so agreed with him on his opinions and views...
so read on and watch it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

this weekkk

i have a busy day this far..
monday: with my grandmother in hukm
tuesday: being a FOC but supported baby sitter in OU...watching madagascar:)
wednesday: so touring putrajay...went to wetland and taman air...but unfortunately..the boats..all of it, sent for repair. so we naik the menara andget very excited...owh, im with kakak,aiman and zana..heheh..afterwards,we went to alamanda to watch " good morning love"...owh, malay movie..still need upgrades..penatlah...any one yang nak honest opinion on that "good morning love"..ask me!!kk..:)
thursday : get my first trial for facial in Jaya 33. the facial was good..:)...and then pick up zana at taman jaya lrt station and celebrate her pyramid..well, in fact it was more in hiagen diaz..we had fondue and celebrate the bday..
it was joyful and fun..and
friday: resting day at home...finally...:)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love Story..

I just finished reading, Message in A Bottle, by Nicholas Sparks. And it was great. i mean, hmmm..honestly, it was great, except it didn't give me the usual emotional emotions as usual, when i read the story.
What can i conclude from the great love story are:
1) the man and woman, usually end up not being together for some fate or life circumstances happened.
2) either it took a short period of time, or long period of time, the great love will not end up perish.
3) that the hurt will stay on there, lingering, and it will take more than a short period of time, to move on and get ahead of life and feel love again.
4) that when the next 'right' person come in line, the feeling can wash aside the latter emotions and that is what matter.
5) that it is hard to fall in love with anyone without the 'it'.

this are all from the great love story..
except this keep on bothering me..

1) if the great love story did not took place till forever, then when we end up marrying someone, how to stay afloat in that emotions if that's not the great love (between human i mean)?

if anyone, have any answer or have felt it, do share please...

this kind of love is hurt.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


i supposed to
1) read my journals
2) start work on my literature review
3) sort all my research paper
4) start getting my life back on track...its almost a year..

Thursday, November 13, 2008


parents?..what i can i say?...
1.for those who had a better childhood, they will get spoiled and will be irresponsible to their family later on;and for those who had a bitter childhood, they will ensure their family, their kids, gets what their lacked on, and the cycle will repeated all over again.
2. but parents who had been spoiled and treat their kids bad, they wont realized it ever, coz for them, they have given the best and blame their kids later on, and stay regret when they realized whats happening to their spoilt child..and for parents that had bitter childhood and treat their kids good, they realized what is going on with their kids, and for this type of parents, they will never felt what they have done are good enough, for they never had it when they were young..and they will always give.

and the cycle will keep on repeating all over again.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Dah habis viva, in like 10 mins ago..and very2 happpy and now kena concentrate research but mals nak think lagi, so nak enjoy!!
and balik rumah and gi sunway lagoon and g tgk cerite banyak2..bestnyer..
nak listen to ABBA!!