Thursday, June 19, 2008


okay, i am very stress now. When the working environment is not that great, than you feel you want to get out of there fast. I dont like today. First thing in the morning, my mood spoiled for what happen last night. Then, this morning, the last guy i want to worked with today, is in the same lab as me. I mean, c'mon. I thought he supposed to be in another lab. We not even talked, i mean, just exchanging some few words, and he still cold and i am to him too. Plus, a doctor, get ego-istic. Urgh, hate that. Wish i can get back to the old lab, the one with KA and S. But, its someone else's turn now.
Tomorrow is the last day, hopefully i cant survived. I missed my last case, because of my fault. I want to get back, i want to watched it. But my CAs incharged keep asking me when i do i want to get home, so i get tired with that question and i said now. BUt i want to watch PTMC. i mean, it is so rare, plus it is a high risk case. and i know also, this case will ends around 9++, nearly 10. dont think i want to stay there and just and be with that guy. Dont want him. Tomorrow, is the last day i will see him and hopefully the last one too.
Wish tomorrow will be better and i can relax. Wish, tomorrow is more great than today.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


been a few days before start posting one...and here goes. I at new hospital doing my practical..and i dont like it. I mean, all my other colleagues who went there. said all the staffs are very nice. But not to me and not when i'm that place a no-no. And this maybe be a bit racist..
but, what i found..the malay race is the one, that hold back and information and does not like to share their knowledge with others. For them, a student is just student, you cannot do much, or whatever.
BUt, when i worked with the non-Malay, they are nice..helping you when you need hand, explaining all the procedures and and love to share their knowledge, after all..the knowledge we share will multiply by 10 folds when we shared it with others right?
and then, thats the fault of Malay people..most of them. The not even want to help their future generation and blame them much. Its not about entertainment, fulfill their soul with entertainment and joy and fun in life; its about the knowledge, that will be the next generation sole treasure. When can they understand. Most Malay people i know, have principal as such..they want the future generation to suffer just like they suffered. They forgot that the future generation need not to be suffered just like them, but pass down the lesson, so they will strive and be more successful than their ancestors, than now.
They are certain people who wants to learn, but the people around them, make it hard. There is no such thing like your boss, your advisor are the only right person. Malay people tends to be backwards because the so called "jgn melawan, jgn kurang ajar, hormat org tua'. That is why we became like this. We can be better, be succesfful, but those need to change. Maybe, just one person at a time can do it, follows by the other.
In other case, what Malays trademark also. They dont like to worked hard. They want fast and easy money and they dont like to worked hard. They are too hang up on the present government that for them, the best job is working in the government. I mean, yeah..the government been elected to served the people, but the Malays expect more. Help in all aspect but does not WANT to worked hard. Always complained and whined and....god i HATE that much.
Even in the holy Qur'an, and in fact in all religious sacred book. there are says..that no one will change unto others till they change themselves.
The Malays said there are the Muslims. But why they dont want to used the and let the sacred books be the guidance path.
All successful person, have a religious person and aspect in their life, no matter what religions.
They Malays should change a lot, if they want to be the best in life.
There is no point pleasing other people by using the phrase "hormat org lain", when Malay themselves being sold.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For Love or Money

iT COMES down to one thing in the end, the intention, the "niat"..the purpose..and all requires great thinking in life to handle..
just say what you need to say

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hardest Thing..

This morning, when i am driving to my practical hospital.this crossed my mind..
that, all of us..has mission, has something to look forward too, and decision to make..i am not talking about simple decision, but life changing to subsidies the fuel..(i know, i know..its the government that should think that), how to stop a relationship even if you know the feeling is not there and you could not see the future..but, making that decision, saying it out aloud..its like..hard. so hard. coz there are so many obstacles and created enough chaos, when you said it..til at that time, you dont want to make any decision and just hope for things to go on its own..
but its not going to..right..
nothing going too..
the longer its is on hold..the more problem will come and more decision need to be made..e
specially when all your moves need to be told and been watched like a hawk and there is no turning back from that.
sometimes, i wonder..will this ever change...will i ever get the chance to do what i wanted instead doing what other people wanted me to be..and to do.
till, then..
nway, day was great..a patient hit on me..damn, thats was funny..but i dismissed him without "drop his water face"..heheh...nway, he must be married..he is 34 years old..for god sake...;)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

August Rush

I feel it the moment i watched this movie. It is so touching, heart-reaching and magical. I feel how the mother feels for the lost of the son,(not like i have experienced it before:)), and i feel how he felt when he seek and searched for his parents for 11 years and ++ days.
I am loud when we watched it, luckily im at home and just my 4 younger sisters watching the movie with they like, shut up, we want to smacked you and etc..coz i am loud and always asked them, wasnt it sad, ooh..this is sad..and omg..sedihnye....heheh...
but i feel more better if the director show the scene where mr evan taylor get to be introduced with his parents..i mean, the parents just there, in front of him..c'mon....
he is cute..damn cute..with the cute pair of dimple and the innocent face when he smile, grin and just be i am already having crushed on Jonathan Rhys not more on him..and the mommy..i forgot what is her name, but she bears the name of Lyla Novacek...she's a beauty...
so, people, that read my August Rush and tell me what do you think k..
btw, i just happen to know someone, who has been an orphan in his life and i feel very sorry for him. He lost his confidence in life and very naive in living.
I know he is nice, but this time around..i have to know when to stop..and let the ship sail on its own....:)
till then, my assignment havent finished yet let alone im touching it..i just havent the feeling yet and whole lot of battle star gallactica episodes are waiting to be watched...
hmmmm..wonder which one comes first???.....