Sunday, September 28, 2008

World Spins Madly On...

"World Spins Madly On"

Woke up and wished that I was dead
With an aching in my head
I lay motionless in bed
I thought of you and where you'd gone
and let the world spin madly on

Everything that I said I'd do
Like make the world brand new
And take the time for you
I just got lost and slept right through the dawn
And the world spins madly on

I let the day go by
I always say goodbye
I watch the stars from my window sill
The whole world is moving and I'm standing still

Woke up and wished that I was dead
With an aching in my head
I lay motionless in bed
The night is here and the day is gone
And the world spins madly on

I thought of you and where you'd gone
And the world spins madly on.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Parents = guilt, kids = spoilt....

This morning, when i wake up, suddenly this crossed my mind. In school nowadays, parents just wont accept that their kids are 'evil' or even naughty; for them, it is norm for a kids to behave that way. That is why, the blame was all on the teachers.
The parents felt that their parents did not 'loved' them enough when they had their times in school last time, so they wanted to be the best parents ever, so they just support their kids and end up blaming, suing, hurting the teachers more.
Well, the kids, since the parents end up listening to them, what can they asked more, except...being even they are the one to be blame on, for them, they have the support and immunity behind them..the PARENTS.
so being parents is very hard. Basically and realistically, they are the who shaped the future generation. If the didikan was good, then insyaAllah, things will be good also. But if it is not, then, Wallahualam..
So marriage now for me, will not be a love between two..but more to how to build a family and perfecting the flaws and accepting things...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Evening...and late this evening....

I know i should be putting more pics, but unfortunately, no one wants too, or even bother to take 'em, or i end up forgotten all about it,til i am back home and settle....huhu
so, i went and berbuka with haniza and my sister. as always when picking up kakak i went and see her..
so just now, i went to her office, and she introduced me to her colleagues..and one of that, is my primary school buddy..which i have forgotten her name, and she still remembers mine..and she was like, so...dont let haniza tell me whats her name..and my brain was like working 100 times faster retrieving memories of 12 years ago...haha...and i remember her name at last, its siti raudhah...hehe:)
and guess what she told; she said, you still pakai tudung senget i was like, waaaaa..i pakai tudung mmg senget ke sejak dulu?hahah..and i mmg x reti pakai tudung kot, even i have pakai tudung like so long long ago...heheh
so thats one..
and then, we went to alamanda...and end up ramai sgt2 orgnyer, so beli roti boy and air di carrefour..and sembhyang dulu..
dah namenyer perempuan, and haniza yang baru dpt gaji..we end up window shopping..looking for handbag before makan, which is like 8 something already...hahah...and we went to food court, ade waiter ni tgh kemas meja, terlepas gelas..pecah kat my feet..and kaki masuk kaca..luckily just tiny piece and boleh dikuarkan even tho darah sikit...:)..
but we end up makan situ lah..
oh yer..kat food court jumpa old uia mates..and i was recalling so hard..finally its sufiah...or sopeah..but i know its peah..haha..kan dah kate..lupe nyer..and i was like,..niza, tolong i..i lupe name dier sape..haniza blur2..coz die mmg x kenal langsung..dah berpisah with her..she was gelak2..ckp..mmg dier x kenal pun, how nak tolong i ingat sape tuh we makan, and after makan.i beli kasut..blur2 gak pasak kasut nie..nak pakai sandal yang lawa..but xnak high heels, sakit 20+ if x suke and xnak pakai..x kisah sgt..lupe gak nak amik gmbar.and sandal pun kat luar..
so warp up..i balik dr alamanda at 9.30..fuh..long day..
oh yer..time nak berpisah ngan niza..i hug her tightly..god, i miss her so much..and i miss her much now..especially since she wants to go abroad again..leaving me..again..but yet, i wonder, we can still survive..
i miss her, and i love her the most..
to haniza, thank you for this evening.
its 25 september, and i love you dear..much!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Errand of the week...

My errands of the week, is none other than picking amani from school. So it is whatever i am doing for the rest of the morning, but at 1 pm, i shall be picking her up..
so this the scenery in the car, waiting for the light turn to green...N another pic, is me..taken by amani...hehehe..
actually, this is a must do errans whenever i am home from school:)